How Good Deeds got started

Good Deeds

I’m Bill Pecoriello, the founder of Good Deeds. Our vision is to create a better world by uniting people, brands, and nonprofits to increase sustainable sources of funding and drive more social impact.

How it all started

Sweet P Bakery

The idea for Good Deeds was inspired by my life and professional experiences, including starting my own nonprofit, Sweet P Bakery. Sweet P is a bakery that’s fully dedicated to providing job training and employment for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities (many of whom have aged out of other programs). While raising money for the cause, I quickly learned that fundraising is one of the biggest challenges that nonprofits face, even if they’re household names. 

Furthermore, many nonprofits lean on recurring donations as a sustainable source of funding — but recurring donors aren’t always easy to find.

That got me thinking…

I knew from my years working with consumer-focused brands and industries that companies want to support the social causes their customers care about. And I also learned, through my experience raising money for Sweet P, that people and communities want to support charities, but often lack the means to do so. 

What if I could find a way to turn nonprofits’ passive supporters into recurring donors, on a large scale?

I launched Good Deeds to help people give back to the nonprofits they love (at no cost to them) with the cash back earned through their everyday shopping.

Shop, Save, Give, Together.

Good Deeds works like this:

  • Shop your favorite brands on the Good Deeds app
  • Save by earning cash back on those purchases
  • Give some (or all) of that cash back to a nonprofit, automatically
  • Together, we can make a difference. Share the deals and causes you love with friends and family!

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When you download the Good Deeds app, you’ll first be prompted to select the 501(c)(3) nonprofit you want to support. Then, shop top cashback offers from hundreds of retailers right in the app. Set your donation percentage (from 25% to 100%), and let the cash back come in from your purchases. Part of your cash back (or all, if you set 100%) is automatically donated to your cause of choice. The rest is yours to keep. 

See a great offer you want to share, or a nonprofit that you’d like to spread the word about? Share those links with friends and family and activate the power of community giving.

The Good Deeds team

Our team was assembled in 2020, one of the most challenging years the world has ever known. My co-founder MIke Pagano worked alongside me at my consumer insights company and shared my passion for bringing Good Deeds to life. The entire Good Deeds team shares a common goal of bringing nonprofits, shoppers, and brands together to make a much bigger impact than they could apart. 

I’m proud to share that we’re on track to become a B Corporation by the spring of 2021. B Corps are legally required to use business as a force for good, taking into account the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

So, take Good Deeds for a spin. In one seamless app, you’ll find some of the highest cashback offers available anywhere — cash that’s automatically split between you and the causes you care about. I hope you love Good Deeds as much as we loved building it.

We’re in this together,
Bill Pecoriello